The IFBB Has Suspended The NPC

IFBB International (not to be confused with Jim Manion’s IFBB pro) has suspended the NPC.

This has now been confirmed as a letter was released to the public by the CSFF (South American Confederation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) – explaining that the NPC judges do not have the same qualifications as international IFBB judges. Essentially, NPC judges do not have an international card.

Because of this reveal, the IFBB have pulled their judges out and the CSFF asked the IFBB to take action against the NPC.

It looked like the IFBB took notice, as shortly after, a press release was issued by the IFBB stating that the NPC are suspended temporarily for the events that occurred at the Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas between the 13-14 September 2017.

See all this happen, many are seeing this as a fight for power between various federations.


The IFBB Has Suspended The NPC The IFBB Has Suspended The NPC

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