New mum drops 30 kilos in dramatic transformation to bodybuilder on This Time Next Year

Victorian woman Alysha Frigo was overweight. She made a pledge to lose the weight on This Time Next Year — 12 months later, she’s a bodybuilder.

In an unbelievable transformation, this 36-year-old mother from Victoria went from overweight to bodybuilder in one year.

Alysha Frigo pledged to Karl Stefanovic on This Time Next Year that she would shed her baby weight and transform her life.

12 months later, she stepped out of the doors 30kgs slimmer… And ripped.

Frigo was unrecognisable as she revealed her new body, explaining she was entering a bodybuilding competition the week following filming.

She told Karl:

“I really want to change my body and my life.”

She explained how she did cardio four times per week to get in shape.


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