His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Sharqi has been appointed by the IFBB Executive Board, as new Vice-President for Asia

Dynamic and energetic young leader, with great capacities and diplomatic skills; Sheikh Abdullah Bin Had Al Sharqui have an excellent background as public and sports administrator being already working in close cooperation with the IFBB Headquarters and President Santonja, in the specific development of our sport, at the Asian continent and in the international activities carry on worldwide by IFBB: a great sport family with 197 affiliated National Federations.

Asia is a fast-growing area for our sport that, in 2018, will carry on an unprecedented number of international events and in which IFBB, Bodybuilding and Fitness, are recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and participating in the Asian Beach Games.

IFBB is honoured and pleased with Sheik Abdullah incorporation to the Executive Council, wishing him great health and the best success in all his activities.

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