Diet Friendly Snacks

You’ll find it much easier to stick to a diet plan if you have some favourite snacks and quick treats to throw together. Enjoy snacking without ruining all your hard work by sticking to our favourite low-fat goodies.


Simple Savoury Snacks

Popcorn: Low in calories and very tasty, popcorn is a great way to curb cravings. Either make it at home and limit the amount of oil, salt or sugar added or choose organic brands.

Nuts: Providing protein and ‘good fats’, nuts can be a smart, healthy snack. However, some types are high in calories so keep your portion sizes small. Choose raw, unsalted brands.

Ryvita: Convenient and crunchy, Ryvita is a good choice on its own or with cottage cheese. Or, if you’re in need of a high energy snack, sandwich Ryvita together with thin layers of honey and peanut butter.

Oat Cakes: These savoury biscuits are perfect as a between-meal snack, thanks to their low GI (glycemic index), which leaves you feeling fuller for longer.

Pitta Bread: Not only is pitta a healthier alternative to soft bread, it’d perfect for posh snacking too. Simply cut into triangles, drizzle with a little olive oil, top with basil and pop in an oven at 180/200F for 5-10min. Serve with homemade salsa or yoghurt and dill dressing for a top treat.


Sweet Treats For Dieters

Neutralise your sugar cravings without ruining your diet plan. Reach for natural, additive-free sweet treats instead.

Fruit Kebabs: Put a new spin on fruit salad by threading chunks of your fruits onto a skewer. Strawberries, pineapples and apples are particularly good but the choice is yours.

Frozen Grapes: Give your grapes a good wash before drying them off and placing them on a baking tray. Leave in the freezer overnight and look forward to a taste explosion.

Iced Cherries: Cherries also taste fantastic when they are properly chilled. Instead of freezing them overnight, simply fill a bowl with ice and lay your cherries on the top for a low-calorie pudding.

Homemade Smoothies: Avoid the chemical nasties in shop-bought smoothies by combining plain bio-yoghurt, ice, low fat milk and your choice of fruits. Strawberries, bananas, blueberries and raspberries all work brilliantly and for an extra kick, add a spot of honey or a sprinkling of oats.


Top Snacking Tip

A big snacking pitfall is accidentally eating far more than you should. Limit your portion sizes by investing in a set of small Tupperware tubs and decanting your nuts, pretzels or popcorn into the appropriate sized portions.

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