2018 Miami Muscle Beach Pro

June 2, 2018

Miami, Florida, USA


Promoter: Geobanny Paula

Contact: miamimusclebeachpro@gmail.com

Event Schedule @ The MACC

Schedule subject to change, check back for final schedule May 25th.

FRIDAY JUNE 1st 2018 @ the MAAC 1 Meeting Room

4:30pm: IFBB Pro meeting

6pm-8pm: NPC check-ins & late registration

SATURDAY JUNE 2nd 2018 @ the Miami Airport Convention Center EXPO Hall

9:30am: NPC meeting

10am: Miami International Fitness Expo Doors Open

10:30am: Fit Life Games (CrossFit) Begins

11am: Miami Muscle Beach Pro/Am NPC/IFBB Pre-Judging Begins

12pm: Ninja Games

12:30pm: Deadlifting Opens

1pm: US Strongman

2pm: USA Powerlifting

3pm: Clash of Saiyans (Calisthenics)

4pm: NPC Finals — Miami Muscle Beach Pro/Am

7pm: IFBB Finals — Miami Muscle Beach Pro/Am

**All times subject to change. 


Miami Muscle Beach — Fit Life Games — Ninja Games — US Strong Man — Clash of Saiyans — USA Powerlifting

Miami, FL

The Miami International Fitness Expo (M.I.F.E) is host to the Miami Muscle Beach Weekend (MMBW) that features the Miami Muscle Beach Pro (MMBP), an International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) Pro show, and the Miami Muscle Beach Championships (MMBC), a National Physique Committee (NPC) National Qualifier. The M.I.F.E is also host to USA Powerlifting, the Fit Life Games in Functional Fitness, the Ninja Games, the Clash of Saiyans in Calisthenics & US Strong Man. There’s also an Open Deadlifting competition to the public. With some of the biggest names in the fitness industry and the support of the IFBB, NPC, USA Powerlifting, US Strong Man, plus local Ninja, Calisthenics & Functional Fitness gyms; the M.I.F.E hosts the best fitness weekend of events, in the best tropic city in the nation.

For immediate assistance call Geobanny Paula (786) 217-2110 or Tony Lopez (305) 799-2992

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