2017 Panamerican Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships

2017 November 16 — 19 Cuenca, Ecuador



For your consideration:

A cordial greeting and heartfelt desires of success in all your activities.

The International Federation of Bodybuilding &Fitness and the Ecuadorian Federation will be honored to have your National Federation/Association participating in the 1st PANAMERICAN BODYBUILDING & FITNESS CHAMPIONSHIP, which will take place in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, from 16th to 19th November of the current year; in compliance with the attached program.

With this temporary farewell and hoping to count with your presence, we reiterate the bonds of friendship and work benefiting our sport.



The 1st Pan American Championship will be organized by the South American Bodybuilding & Fitness Confederation (“Confederación Sudamericana de Fisicoculturismo y Fitness [CSFF]”) and the Ecuadorian Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Federation, with support from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Sport and the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB).


Cuenca, capital of Azuay province, has approximately half a million inhabitants. It is located in the Andes Mountains at 2,538 meters above sea level. It is alsoone of the most beautiful cities in Ecuador, due to its colonial and republican architecture, its cradle of intellectuals, men of science, art and craftsmen who forged the development of the city and province. Its colonial center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage for the beautiful historical buildings.

The municipality is considered among the ten most beautiful historical cities of Latin America and is worth visiting.


The first great settlement was called Guapondeleg and was built by the Cañari people.

Approximately 50 years before the Spaniard’s arrival, the Incas conquered the Cañaris, rebuilt it and renamed it Tomebamba. The Spaniards founded Cuenca in 1557 — named after the renowned Spanish city — on the ruins of Tomebamba and used stones from the ruins to construct the new buildings; including the Sagrario Church.

Cuenca is famous for its handicrafts, gold and silver jewelry. The vast majority of handicrafts are located in the historic center; where straw hats, tinplate, jewelry, ceramics, textiles and leather can be found.

Average temperatures range between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius (57 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit), throughout the year.

It is located in a beautiful mountainous valley of exceptional characteristics, bathed by the rivers Tomebamba, Yanuncay, Machangara and Tarqui, which traverse throughout the city from west to east.

There are wonderful places to visit within its vicinity; among the ones standingout are….

As part of Cuenca’s suburbs, “Turi” is located up in the mountain chain and has become a great viewpoint; with its own landscape, culture and handicraft development.

Baños thermal waters (aguas termales de Baños) is a prosperous tourist midpoint located 15 minutes from Cuenca’s historical center. It has thermal baths, swimming pools and Turkish baths from the thermal springs emanatingfrom the mountains — with healing properties.

With 29,000 hectares of Andean panorama, the Cajas Natural Park (Parque Natural El Cajas) is located 29 kilometers northwest of Cuenca. Ideal for hiking, horseback riding, camping, sport fishing and bird watching; youcan find more than 250 well-defined lakes and about 125 species of birds.

Chordeleg, a region located 35 kilometers from the city of Cuenca known as «Chorrode Oro», mainly by the multiple workshops and stores sellinggold, silver and other precious metals.


The competition will take place in the CUENCA HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORTS CENTER AUDITORIUM, an elegant stage with a 2,000 square meters area, modern and comfortable space and direct connection with the Sports Complex; which has lodging, gym, medical center, restaurant and commercial premises.


National delegations will be able to book their flights directly to “MARISCAL LA MAR” NATIONAL AIRPORT in the city of Cuenca, where they will be received by the Organizing Committee.

Flight options will also include receiving delegations at “JOSE JOAQUIN DE OLMEDO” INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT inGuayaquil, with an estimated three (3) hours bus trip to the city of Cuenca.

Delegation receptions will be in charge of the Organizing Committee within the officially established days: 16th November arrivals and 19th November departures. Those traveling on different dates must provide their own particular transportation.


The Ecuadorian Federation will provide lodging for 3 nights, for athletes and delegates duly registered, withinthe official arrival/departure days: Thursday, 16th November to Sunday, 19th November.

The Cuenca High Performance Sports Center HOTEL is the lodging venue. Located in the Totoracocha sector, it opened in September 2015 and includes 25,000 square meters of construction, six stories high — rehabilitation, nutrition, & dentistry services, sports medical center, rooms for people with disabilities, suites, a research center and restaurant.

In accordance with IFBB rules:

 Three or more competitors: accommodations covered for two (2) delegates
 Less than three competitors: lodging covered for one (1) delegate

For appropriate lodging reservations and distribution, national delegations will have to send their preliminary and final entry forms on or beforethe establisheddeadlines. Otherwise, each delegation will have to pay their own accommodation.

Delegations in need of advance arrivals or delayed departures must include these dates in their corresponding registrations, so that the Organizing Committee can provide reservation assistance.

The Ecuadorian Federation will not be responsible for payments/costs incurred for additional lodging days, consumptions and/or extra delegates. Each National Federation will have to cover these expenses.

In the event that a delegation sends its registration and does not attend, the National Federation must still pay all expenses incurred for that group to the Ecuadorian Federation. Delegations attending the Bolivarian Games: The Ecuadorian Federation will provide lodging and mealson 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd November for delegations participatingin the Bolivarian Games, to be held in Santa Marta, Colombia, in order to consolidate transportation thru a singleairlineticket.


The Ecuadorian Federation will provide local round-trip transportation between airport and


The Ecuadorian Federation will provide normal sustenance according to each Delegation dietary requirements, from dinner on Thursday, 16th November, to breakfast on Sunday, 19th November.


Each Delegation Head must deposit $ 300 USA dollars during hotel registration. This refundable value will be used as a guarantee against possible damages to sheets, towels, carpets and/or furniture occurringduring your stay.

This deposit will be returned once all rooms assigned to your Delegation are inspected during checked out.


Each country’s Delegation Head must pay a registration fee of $200 USA dollars for each participating athlete and delegate.


In order to compete, each athlete must have an International IFBB Card. Its cost of $30 USA dollarsfor those who do not have it or in needto renew their annual affiliation.


All athletes must comply with the following doping control requirements:

 Pre-doping control, by aNational Doping Commission, 30 days before the event
 Doping control at the contest registration (17th November)
 Doping control to all medalists in each category

The Pan American Championship Organizing Committee, in coordination with the IFBB and the National Doping Commission, will be responsible for executing the Controls; following the WADA Codeprovisions.


It is mandatory that all visiting Delegation members have medical travel insurance, which covers basic medical and/or hospital care that may be required during the trip and/or competition. The IFBB and the Ecuadorian Federation are not responsible for medical expenses.


The IFBB will distribute official certificates to all participants in the 1st Pan American Championship, duly signed by all Organizing Committee authorities.


Entries must be sent to:

 IFBB email: headquartes@ifbb.com
 FEFICULP email: feficulp.feficulp@gmail.com

Preliminary: 29thSeptember, numeric estimate

Final: 27thOctober, registration with complete data


Flags and anthems will be provided by “FEFICULP” (organizing committee). (FEFICULP = Federación Ecuatoriana de Físico Culturismo y Levantamientos de Potencia)


“FEFICULP” will provide press accreditations to media staff wishing to cover the event, with access to special areas in front of the stage and dressing rooms. Admission to unauthorized personnel will NOT be allowed.

The Pan American Championship will be broadcast live, through the SABBFC(CSFF) website ; whichhas exclusive rights for this event.


The average temperature for Cuenca in November fluctuates between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius (53 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit).


The official currency in Ecuador is the USA dollar.



1 Up to & incl. 1.62 mts.
2 Up to & incl. 1.68 mts.
3 Up to & incl. 1.75 mts.
4 Over 1.75 mts.


5 One Open Category


6 One Open Category


7 Up to & incl. 1.63 mts.
8 Over 1.63 mts


9 Up to & incl. 1.70 mts.
10 Over 1.70 mts

Games Classic Bodybuilding

Body Height Bodyweight limit

Up to & incl. 162 cm (Weight — 100)-2

Up to & incl. 165 cm (Weight — 100)-1

Up to & incl. 168 cm (Weight — 100)+0

Up to & incl. 171 cm (Weight — 100)+1

Up to & incl. 175 cm (Weight — 100)+2

Up to & incl. 180 cm (Weight — 100)+3

Over 180 cm (Weight — 100)+4

Men’s Fitness

Body Height Bodyweight limit

Up to & incl. 170 cm (Weight — 100)+1

Up to & incl. 175 cm (Weight — 100)+2

Up to & incl. 180 cm (Weight — 100)+3

Over 180 cm (Weight — 100)+4


16th to 19th November 2017


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